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#Alphablogbites D is For Discovery

Pinterest #Coldcuppaclub

#Alphablogbites D is For Discovery

Today I made a discovery, I have an addiction. I was merrily browsing Facebook when I came across a meme.

Pinterest #coldcuppaclub

I have Pinterest boards overflowing with ideas of things I want to do, bake, cook or make.

From crochet to kids crafts, to cooking and baking. I think I have a board for everything. At the moment all I have enough time to do is pin, a few stolen minutes while I wait for school to finish or when I wake up in the middle of night. Pin, pin, pin.

I wish I could be a professional Pinner, I love Pinterest, I think its my favourite social media platform. My boards do need a good sort out. I need to stream line my boards and drop a few categories. Then work on my blogs Pinterest as that one is very sadly neglected.


toilet roll discovery #Coldcuppaclub


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