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#Alphablogbites C is For Countdown


#Alphablogbites C is For Christmas Countdown

As its November and we can finally start to talk about Christmas. So, it seems fitting that today is the start of the Countdown. Although secretly I’ve been counting down since July!

Today marks 51 days till the big day.

#ColdCuppaClub Christmas countdown

I marked the occasion by going to the Card Factory and getting a few Elf bits. Its the first year we are doing the elf, I can’t wait, my Pinterest board is bursting with ideas.

#ColdCuppaClub Card Factory Mini Haul

The Card Factory had such lovely Elf things. I especially like the Santa key, last year Joshua was a bit concerned about how Father Christmas was going to get in.

I’m really tempted to get the kids Elf pyjamas, but realistically I don’t buy synthroid in canada think they worth it. But on the other hand, I can just imagine how cute the photos will be if they all in matching elf pyjamas while opening their presents.

I’m hoping to do some Christmas baking with the kids this year. I did a Christmas Masterclass with Mich Turner of The Little Venice Cake Company a few years ago. I would love to recreate a few of the pieces we made.

#ColdCuppaClub Christmas Cake

#ColdCuppaClub Christmas Biscuits

My mum thinks I’m crazy getting excited about Christmas so far in advance, but then this is the woman who used to have picked a theme and made table cloths, napkins and overlays by July each year!

When do you start your preparations?

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